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Next Stage Communication Coaching With Katharine

“Everything in Life is Vibration” Albert Einstein

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Why do Breath and Voice matter for Communication?

All matter in our universe is energy. Energy that is constantly in motion, vibrating, oscillating, and resonating, including the human being. At its core, communication is about the exchange of vibration and energy. To communicate with others, we sound our feelings and our thoughts with our own unique voice. If we desire to use our body and voice in a dynamic and compelling way, we need optimum access to our breath.

Breath is Life

To breathe is the most natural and fundamental activity of life. It is the first and last thing we do on this planet. Breath is life itself. And yet, our Western cultural and societal expectations create tension and anxiety that interfere with our natural flow of breath and in turn, the emergence of our voice. With pressures such as an achievement-oriented work ethic, competitive consumerism, and the pace of technology, we are under constant stress. We actually resist breathing and thusly constrict the flow of life energy itself. Rarely do we take the time to notice our breath or to take full advantage of our capacity to breathe.  At best, poor breathing habits deprive us of the opportunity to employ our physical and mental faculties to their fullest capacity. At worst, our inefficient breathing can cause illness and disease.

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Communication Coaching

Communication starts with the impulse to share

To express a thought, a feeling. This impulse triggers the breath that ripples through the vocal folds creating the vibration of sound that we shape into words. The body supports and expands the voice. The mind, breath, body, and voice are inextricably linked.

Vowels carry the emotions, consonants clarify the thought.

Brain and Breath are connected – Thought flows with breath. Natural flow of breath calms the mind. If the mind is distressed, the breath becomes unsettled.  Conversely, if the breath is uneven or agitated the mind is apt to be confused.

Much of the time our bodies are in an unconscious state of tension which interferes with the natural flow of the breath cycle.  Unwitting resistance to breath in turn causes tension in the body and restriction in the voice. Through mindful, focused attention we become consciously aware of our breath and body and can begin to undo and release tension and habitual patterns that interfere with the release of sound.

liberate your visible voice

Voice Coaching

Provides you with tools to rediscover your natural ability to communicate freely and authentically. By freeing your body of tension and your mind of restrictive self-talk, you will liberate yourself and your own visible voice.

A Free Voice Is A Visible Voice

Katharine’s Voice and Communications Workshops will introduce you to tools that will help you free yourself from physical and mental habits that limit your power to reach your audience by;

Let's Work Together

Katharine’s voice workshops include one-on-one and group trainings for lawyers, mediators, actors, teachers, and business professionals using breath, movement, voice, and mindfulness techniques to help clients prepare confident presentations and improve professional and personal communications.